Phil believes the United States of America remains the land of opportunity and of the free. Protect conservative structures in order to keep companies and families thriving in all of the Nevada. We can secure bright and successful days for ourselves and our family by working collaboratively to protect our God given freedoms.

Read below about Phil Graviet’s Key Stances.


Nevadans have been brutally affected by inflation. No family should make the decision to purchase food or gas. Phil will focus on ensuring Nevada keeps fees and taxes low to help families and small business prosper.


Phil is dedicated to helping business owners flourish. We can create more employment in Nevada by reducing regulations and implementing tax systems that reward growth.


Nevada needs a well-educated labor force. Phil will work to increase school choice and empower Nevada parents to make decisions that best meet their children’s educational needs..  


Phil is proud to stand behind our law enforcement officers. He will focus on ensuring that they have the resources they require in order to defend our cities. Phil will overturn pro-criminal policies, making our streets and neighborhoods safe for families.


When the government utilizes emergency powers to restrict Nevada’s fundamental freedoms, it opens the way for future regulations. Phil strives to limit the governor’s emergency powers.

“He who gives his freedom for safety gets none of them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

State Senate District 10

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